Mark Lefko transformed his 35-year C-level corporate background into a purpose that rises above the bottom line.

As the Founder and CEO of The Lefko Group, one of the nation's leading facilitation firms for corporate retreats and industry peer groups, Mark has coached over 100 CEOs and Presidents in business development, strategy and unlocking the power of their teams. He currently serves on four advisory boards.

In 2014, Mark began writing his book on Global Sustainability, to capture the global knowledge and best practices of leading companies and to prove how global sustainability is shaping the growth of the most progressive and profitable Multinationals, Fortune 500, middle-market and start-up companies around the globe.

The book was written to inspire other CEOs and executives to participate in the sustainability movement and to evolve their organizations. Interviewing such talented and progressive CEOs and leaders equipped him with a variety of unique perspectives on global sustainability.

Mark looks forward to sharing his knowledge through speaking engagements and roundtables to enlighten individuals and management teams on the capacity of business to make the world a better place. Sharing these pioneers’ insights, wisdom, and best practice experience will create an environment that helps to integrate global sustainability practices into our personal and professional lives.

"Coaching CEOs how to lead while honoring their principles and turning a profit truly harmonizes my life's work and my passions.”

~ Mark Lefko

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Smart leaders care 

about Global Sustainability.

Featuring in-depth interviews of 21 leading CEOs, Mark Lefko’s book examines this vital subject from the perspective of today’s most influential business executives.

Available at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and many local bookstores.

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With C-suite experience in over 20 different industries, Mark Lefko can make a real difference to your business and your career.

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Each retreat is customized for your organization, and can last anywhere from a half-day to four days, depending on your group’s size and goals.

Speaking Engagements

Keynote topics range from sustainability to unlocking the power of your team. Mark's prevailing message is always valuable: How to do well by doing good.

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