No single organization has a monopoly on good ideas. Other companies and executives are facing the same issues, questions and problems as you.

Mark Lefko's Peer Groups are small, specifically selected groups of executives who meet regularly to discuss issues of business and personal interest. They typically consist of 8-12 business leaders from non-competitive markets around the world.

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Mark Lefko Peer Groups Discussion


- Industry -
Peer Groups

Rapid change and uncertainty are now the everyday environment in which organizations operate. Ensure your company is ready to face the future. Learn from and share insights with the people who understand your challenges best – other companies in your industry.

- Leadership -
Peer Groups

An intimate forum for executives in multi-national and Fortune 500 companies to share best practices, discuss sustainability-related and other emerging issues, and collaborate on proven success strategies to enhance company visibility and reach.

- Next Steps -
Peer Groups

You have had (and may still be having) a successful business career and are in your 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. Up until now, business has been your primary focus. Getting older you've begun to think about what is next in life, how to stay relevant and how to become reenergized.

By bringing together professional and industry peers, groups find unique solutions to common issues and challenges.

You will:

  • Learn about and share industry best practice
  • Share resources to achieve common goals
  • Collectively solve problems to avoid wasting time ‘re-inventing the wheel’
  • Obtain new ideas and perspectives
  • Gain exposure to potential new business opportunities
  • Share and solve industry specific challenges
  • Find a sounding board for ideas/concerns with non-threatening feedback
  • Create actionable ideas, ready to implement in your business
  • Gain access to possible national or global joint marketing alliances


Advancing Sustainability in Business and Your Personal Accomplishments

 You have a career in the field of sustainability and understand how high-level business works beyond just sustainability.

You have used sustainability to drive the business toward change that impacts the bottom line and your sustainability goals while recognizing there is always more to be done. 

You feel a level of exasperation when you attend sustainability and industry events with a lot of talk, you get marketing fatigue and see too little action.

Outside of the traditional ROI projects your company leaders question the benefits of investing in sustainability and getting the right people in your organization engaged can be challenging. 

You would love to have a forum of like minded colleagues to brainstorm new ideas on how to engage your senior executives, peers, juniors, investors, consumers and yes, all stakeholders. 

Perhaps you were or are a member of an industry group so you know the potential value of such groups in terms of collaborating, learning, being inspired, inspiring others, supported and challenged.

You value being real and have business and career conversations with respected and trusted peers who understand business beyond just sustainability– people who have been where you have been and are in a similar situation to yourself. 

You value learning from such people as well as offering your own advice and solutions. 

You also look for opportunities to not just hear about best practices but to share them in a meaningful way that drives direct business value; demonstrating the value of being part of a group.

The groups are limited to 12 members and meet three times a year at a host member’s office for a full day.

There will be one hour bi-monthly accountability calls between meetings.


Focusing on Next Steps For Continued Meaning and Fulfillment in Life

You have had (and may still be having) a successful business career and are in your 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.

Up until now, business has been your primary focus. Now you are getting older and beginning to think about what is next in life and how do you stay relevant.

You want to be proactive about your future since you have plans to be around for a while and want to create a great quality of life.

You are beginning to think about issues like: what will be my legacy; what’s next in my business career, personal relationships, financial security, health, wealth transfer, philanthropy, volunteer work, leisure time, travel, children, grandchildren, aging parents, etc.

You may struggle with the idea of change yet you know it is inevitable.   When you were running your business, you had a purpose, a meaning, and an identity.

Perhaps you are interested in becoming reenergized and finding a new purpose, inspiration, feeling of happiness or just create a plan for the future.

Next Step Circles are for just such a group of people. Others, like you, value being real and having life conversations with respected and trusted peers who are in a similar situation as you are in and who see the value in learning, being inspired, supported and at times challenged.

They look forward to the meetings not only to catch up with each other but to openly share their issues and experiences in total confidentiality which underpins all that we do and discuss in the Next Steps Peer Groups.

The meetings are structured around topics of interest, are professionally facilitated and include guest speakers from time to time.

The groups are limited to 12 members and meet four times a year in person from 2pm to 6pm followed by an evening social dinner which is included in the cost of the program. 

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With C-suite experience in over 20 different industries, Mark Lefko can make a real difference to your business and your career.

Corporate Retreat Facilitation

Each retreat is customized for your organization, and can last anywhere from a half-day to four days, depending on your group’s size and goals.

Speaking Engagements

Keynote topics range from sustainability to unlocking the power of your team. Mark's prevailing message is always valuable: How to do well by doing good.

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