Mark Lefko transformed his 40-year C-level corporate background into a purpose that rises above the bottom line.

As the Founder and CEO of The Lefko Group, one of the nation's leading facilitation firms for corporate retreats and industry peer groups, Mark has coached over 100 CEOs and Presidents in business development, strategy and unlocking the power of their teams. He currently serves on four advisory boards and has founded several organizations that engage, educate and inspire business professionals.

In 2016 Mark released his book Global Sustainability, interviewing some of the world's top CEOs to capture the global knowledge and best practices of leading companies, and to prove how global sustainability is shaping the growth of the most progressive and profitable Multinationals, Fortune 500, middle-market and start-up companies around the globe.

Mark looks forward to sharing his knowledge through speaking engagements, roundtables and 1-to-1 coaching to enlighten individuals and management teams on the capacity of business to make the world a better place while driving profitability.

"Coaching CEOs and boards on how to create strong leadership while honoring their principles, strategizing sustainability practices and guiding them to profitability truly harmonizes my life's work.”

~ Mark Lefko

The Lefko Group has created over 100 retreats and coached over a hundred corporate CEOs and Presidents on how to get the most out of their team and company.

Offering a range of professional support services, Lefko Group can help with:

  • Corporate and Team Retreats
  • Values Identification
  • Organization Integration
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

Learn more about the retreat process step-by-step on the Lefko Group website or get in touch now to discuss how Lefko Group can help your organization reach a higher level of harmony and profitability.

Mark's Published Articles

Why Trust And Equality Are The Pillars For A Sustainable Business

Employees who feel secure in their jobs, who feel respected and trusted, will go to surprising lengths to earn and keep their employers’ respect. In short, happy employees are more productive employees. 

I interviewed CEO Marc Benioff and asked why Salesforce thinks that building trust with its employees matters. His reply was...

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Sustainability: It’s More Than Just Being Green

Ask your colleagues to define what sustainability means and you’ll get a lot of responses related to environmental consciousness or “going green.” But that definition sells sustainability short. 

To make decisions for a company to embrace global sustainability, a business leader must practice what is called sustainability leadership - leading with the awareness that every transaction has an impact on people, planet and profit...

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How Community Connections Can Drive the Long-Term Sustainability of Your Business

Giving back to the communities that supply your business with labor and raw materials isn’t just a matter of ethics or public relations; it’s a wise business practice.

Taking care of the people who live and work in your company’s shadow ensures the long-term sustainability of your supply chain and improves the quality of the talent pool that may someday produce your best and brightest employees...

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How Long-term Thinking Leads To Sustainable Decisions

There's too much focus on short-term results in business today. Striking a balance between short-term earnings and long-term investments requires courage on the part of CEOs and business leaders.

I interviewed Paul Polman, CEO of consumer products giant Unilever, who has shown that kind of courage. On the day he became CEO he abolished quarterly profit reporting...

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Smart leaders care about

Global Sustainability.

Featuring in-depth interviews of 21 leading CEOs, Mark Lefko’s book examines this vital subject from the perspective of today’s most influential business executives.

Available at Barnes & Noble and as well as many local bookstores.

1 to 1 CEO Coaching

With C-suite experience in multiple industries, Mark brings the personal integrity and honesty you would expect from someone who has provided counsel to some of the top CEOs.

Speaking Engagements

Keynote topics range from sustainability and leadership to unlocking the power of your team. Mark's prevailing message of "do well while also doing good" is always commercially valuable.

Video: Sustainability Leadership

When companies focus on embracing sustainable practices that benefit people and the planet, they also help grow profits. Watch the video for an overview on sustainability leadership in today's world.

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