A Sustainability Leadership Overview | 2 Minute Video

Mark can help you with...
  • Building Trust and Improving Team Effectiveness
  • Corporate Retreat Facilitation (In-Person or Virtual)
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • 1 to 1 CEO Coaching
  • Keynote Speaking Engagements

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Mark Lefko Peer Groups

Virtual Workplace Productivity Solutions

People are feeling disconnected and overwhelmed in our ever-shifting environment. Workers, especially those accustomed to daily in-person interactions, need a safe space to speak freely, feel freely and think freely.

Mark is a corporate peace-maker at the forefront of advising organizations on how to keep their culture alive in today's virtual world. He helps team navigate virtual-workplace challenges and adapt to digital tools like breakout rooms and screen sharing. With Mark's help, everyone rolls up their sleeves and leans in.

Conflict Management and Resolution

As an organization's demands rise, workplace tension is inevitable. As a result, emotions may drive decisions and trust breaks down.

The process of conflict management aims to diagnose issues, resolving differences through respectful  learning in an open communication environment, building trust, assigning accountability and, in the end, getting results.

 Virtual and In-Person Corporate Retreats

Mark's team delivers real benefits and value, bringing positivity and engagement to your company, whether in person or virtual.

Consider a retreat when:

  • your organization needs help with its strategic direction.
  • tactics and processes are missing from your team's workflow.
  • everyone is firefighting, keeping them from the tasks that matter.
  • management is having turf wars and it’s hurting the company.
  • the lines of communication are jammed and no one is sharing.
  • your team needs to build trust or achieve consensus for a project.
  • a new product is launching or a service is being repositioned.
  • organization members need to collaborate on a strategic plan.
  • top-line revenues need to be increased and profitability strengthened.
  • an information-sharing environment is needed for cross-selling amongst divisions.
  • your team needs to react quickly to changes in the workplace or marketplace.

Smart leaders have a sustainability strategy.

Featuring in-depth interviews of 21 leading CEOs, Mark Lefko’s book examines the subject of sustainability from the perspective of today’s most influential business executives.

Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com as well as local bookstores.

1 to 1 CEO Coaching

With C-suite experience in multiple industries, Mark brings the personal integrity and honesty you would expect from someone who has provided counsel to CEOs in the very best organizations.

Corporate & Team Retreats

The Lefko Group provides quantifiable resources to explore and define the full value of a team. Each retreat is customized for your organization, and can last anywhere from a half-day to four days

Speaking Engagements

Keynote topics range from sustainability and leadership to unlocking the power of your team. Mark's prevailing message of "do well while doing good" is always commercially valuable.

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